Who is Travelling Chicken?

5 years of Excellent Service
Travelling Chicken was founded by Lenka, a solo traveler and a newcomer to Canada, who just wanted to travel and explore the beauty of Ontario. Lenka came to Toronto in June 2011, where she had originally planned to stay for 6 months, but those months quickly turned into years.

Our first tour was to Blue Mountain Resort. The idea was to put solo travelers together and make new friends. The first trip was a beaming success, so we’ve decided to book another cottage tour and turn it into a group excursion.

We offer small group tours for solo travelers from all around the world.

Meet our enthusiastic travelling team: Lenka from Czech Republic, Mike from Canada and Cris from Mexico. 

And why do we call ourselves Travelling Chicken? You will just have to join one of our tours to find out the story behind such a fun name....:)


I've started Travelling Chicken as a newcomer to Canada. I wanted to travel with friends around Ontario. I quickly realize that most of my friends were leaving back home and I was curious to see what Ontario had to offer. With the slogan such as "yours to discover" my interest grew rapidly. Sadly, I had no companion to travel with as they all left back to their countries but than a lightbulb went off. I've decided to meet new people and organize a group tour to Blue Mountain through Meetup. It turned up to be one of the best trips I have ever gone on. Today, I get to travel around Ontario and show newcomers the beauty of this province. Who knew this experience would turn into something I am so passionate about...."



"Life is an adventure and we live just once".

Mike is an experienced tour guide who grew up in Ontario and he loves outdoor adventures, camping and hiking. If you will book any of the camping tours or Algonquin Park day tour, you will most likely travel with Mike. 


He clicks amazing pictures and he will be happy to share his travel stories from Latin America!

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Travelling Chicken has received the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels stamp, which provides travellers with assurance that we have implemented health and hygiene protocols that are aligned with WTTC’s Safe Travels Protocols 

Kirsty Van Rijk

As a middle aged solo traveler it is sometimes hard to find tours that suit. This tour was simply wonderful. Lenka was accommodating and attentive, a skilled organizer and hospitable guide. The snow tubing was exhilarating and the dog sledding exceptional. A truly unique experience. Thanks to Ed and Rachel for their instructions and knowledge. Significantly, it was fantastic value for a solo traveler. Getting places is tricky, car hire etc is expensive for one. This experience would not have been easy on my own, maybe not possible. Thanks Lenka. I highly recommend for all ages and types if traveler.

Man with Glasses

Redel Ramos

The day tour to the Niagara Region was such a splendid experience that it had become the highlight of our southern Ontario trip. I couldn't thank my sister enough for having chosen the Travelling Chicken tour. Our group was so lucky to have Lenka and her colleague as guides. They are not just knowledgeable and well-versed on the history of the area, but more importantly, they are so friendly and accommodating to us all.

It was a breathtaking and memorable -- and so "Canadian" experience for my kid sister and her husband who flew north of the border for a short vacation. The trail leading to Ball's Falls was picturesque in a snowy, wintertime way. We were able to visit a local winery and try the interesting ice wine. The visit to a maple syrup farm was fascinating and informative. And a stop in a quaint, historic town called Niagara on the Lake was just as charming.

The Niagara Falls visit was the grand finale of course! We marveled at its beauty on a chilly, damp Saturday -- and we really didn't mind! Welcome to Canada, eh?!!! There were flurries that went on for a bit that afternoon but it just added to the majesty and mystique of the Falls atmosphere. There were probably less visitors in winter, but we somehow appreciated it that way.

Needless to say, and as the five-stars rating would suggest, we highly recommend the Travelling Chicken to other tourists. Thank you so much Lenka for showing us around and taking great photos! The day trip was as lovely as your sunshiny smile.

Portrait of Young Woman

Patricia M.

I had an amazing tour through them. The guides (Britani and Mike) are very kind, patient, creative, helpful, cool and friendly. They have enough experience and are genuinely interested in you to have fun, feel comfortable and have a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I highly recommended traveling with them. Thank you for all!

What Travelers Say About Us?


When Travelling Chicken was first founded, we set out to support small businesses in Ontario through eco-tours throughout the Ontario countryside. With a focus on small farming operations, our business has excelled in providing tourists access to some of the best food that Ontario has to offer. No matter if it was a family outing to learn where eggs came from, or a group of eco-friendly vegans examining farming operations on the Canadian Shield, our tours have delivered each and every time.
However, as we have grown, we have decided to not only give back to the community through our tours, but we have expanded this thought into giving back to the very nature that we so adore. Wolves in Ontario are currently an at-risk species due to habitat loss and hunting, and we here at Travelling Chicken want to change this.