All payments are final. There are no refunds once payment has been made.No substitutions may be made.Travelling Chicken reserves the right to change any aspect of the tour (i.e. hotel, transportation, itinerary) to an option of equal or greater quality.Travelling Chicken is not responsible for events beyond its control such as (but without limitation) acts of God, war, terrorist activities, strikes or government restrictions; nor in the absence of its own negligence, for personal injury, property damage, loss of earnings, from any cause whatsoever caused by persons not controlled by Travelling Chicken such as (but without limitation) the employees of airlines, motor coach companies, hotels, provincial and national parks. We are not responsible for lost airline tickets or any other travel documents which have been give to you.Travelling Chicken is not responsible for any changes to the hotels or campgrounds being sold due to renovation or upgrade of the property. Therefore, all services or products being offered by a hotel or any third parties (service providers i.e. dog sledding farm, boat companies, national or provincial parks) are not in the control of Travelling Chicken and any changes are not our responsibility.For any travel outside of Canada, you are responsible to provide proper documentation to cross the appropriate international borders. Travelling Chicken is not responsible for incorrect documentation. For U.S. verification, please contact the U.S. Consulate on University Avenue in Toronto at (416) 595-1700.You, the client, are responsible to pay for any damages that may have been caused in your room, whether you are directly involved or not during your trip. We recommend that all damages you notice in your room upon check-in be reported to the hotel immediately to avoid being penalized for them at check-out.Travelling Chicken reserves the right to dismiss any/all passengers who are deemed to be disruptive, abusive or risking the safety of any/all passengers on the trip. Anyone dismissed is responsible for any costs incurred, whether it be for a return to point of origin, or any other cost incurred whatsoever.Travelling Chicken reserves the right to change pick-up times and locations. Travelling Chicken reserves the right to cancel the trip if the minimum number of participants is not achieved. Travelling Chicken reserves the right to cancel a trip anytime prior to departure with full refund to our clients.